by Doghouse

While on tour with his band, Weatherbox, guitarist Lowell Heflin was assaulted by two men in Nashville, TN, Lowell explained:

I was with The Honorary Title and was walking back toward the hotel room, by myself, when I came across some dudes making racial comments toward this black guy, and I decided to say something about it. They then turned to me, made some anti–gay comments toward me based on the way I was dressed, and the next thing I know, I woke up in the hospital covered in blood."

Lowell was taken to Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN. After given pain medication and shots, the hospital took his credit card off of him and ran it for the hospital bill which totaled $900. After given 13 stitches, Baptist Hospital put Lowell in a cab and sent him away.

The band released American Art earlier this year.