Looks like MTV isn't the only party skeptical of a new record from Panic! At the Disco. The band has scraped the first attempt at a follow up to A Fever You Can't Sweat Out saying:

We've had quite an interesting last nine months. We were in the mountains for a while, writing songs, and we moved to L.A. for a bit, and then we decided to start over in July. So now we're kind of trying to finish writing this second second record. Actually, it's almost like our third record, since we were like three–quarters finished with the other one before we scrapped it.

We went through a stage of writing that just happened because we were on tour for so long, and we were sick of those old songs so much that we decided to write songs that were really complicated and challenging for us.

Then we realized that it's not going to be any fun to play these live either, so we decided to ditch the whole project. There was a story line throughout the whole record, a short story, and we decided to put that on the shelf and just start playing as a band, and it's been a lot better."

The band is hoping to have a single from the new, new record out by Christmas with the album expected to follow up 2008.