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Oxnard veterans Dr. Know have a new record on the way for Unrest Records. Frontman Brandon Cruz sent us in the following update:

hey guys, we just got back from canada, where we played with inepsy, dayglo abortions, the hoovers, the homewreckers, and a lot of great bands. on the way home we stopped in santa cruz, ca. and recorded our new album for unrest records. 18 new songs, 2 videos, and a live gig at the jury room. the album will be out in 2 months on unrest records, pressed on vinyl, and an enhanced cd with footage of the recording process, the live gig, and 2 video's. we are getting the artwork together now, and deciding on a name for it. after it's out, we will be doing a full u.s./canada tour, then go to europe, japan, australia, and who knows where else?

On a side note, we're still grateful Brandon didn't kick our collective ass that one year in Vegas.