Dead Kennedys
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Dead Kennedys have announced plans to release a new greatest hits package complete with a title designed just for the coming detractors. The record is titled Milking the Sacred Cow and is due out October 09, 2007.

The band has compiled tracks including "Kill The Poor" and "Viva Las Vegas" as well as two live tracks. making for only twelve songs in all.

  1. California Uber Alles
  2. Police Truck
  3. Kill The Poor
  4. Holiday In Cambodia
  5. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
  6. Too Drunk To Fuck
  7. Viva Las Vegas
  8. Moon Over Marin
  9. Halloween
  10. MTV Get Off The Air
  11. Soup Is Good Food (Live)
  12. Jock-O-Rama (Live)