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Sex Pistols recently re–recorded their classic track, "Anarchy in the UK" to provide a new master for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Past Guitar Hero games have largely relied on cover bands to produce their music, but the third edition uses many recordings from the original artists. After Activision was unable to find the original Sex Pistols master tapes from the 1970s, they got the band back together.

Three of the four original Pistols, Johnny "Rotten" Lydon, Steve Jones, and Paul Cook, joined forces with Chris Thomas, the producer of Never Mind the Bollocks, to put together the re–recording, which was mixed on the same vintage analog desk as the original master. The band notes that Thomas actually performed bass on the record since Glen Matlock had left at that point and Sid Vicious had been in the hospital with hepatitis.

Members of the band also participated in a brief interview discussing the re–recording process, the video game and the loss of the masters. You can check out the interview here.