Female–fronted goth/punk act Schoolyard Heroes has found itself on the receiving end of criticism after a collection of concerned parents reviewed the band's website, which "horrified" them with "blood curdling lyrics" and song glorifying "death, dismemberment, murder, suicide." The story was covered here in Spin Magazine.

The parents have started a petition which says, without a touch of irony:

We are a group of upset parents who are trying to stop a tragedy before it begins, and that tragedy is Schoolyard Heroes. It has been brought to our attention that there is a cult of young children, ONLY 13 YEARS OLD in some cases, following this band around and running away from home. This must be stopped.

They are evil! They want to corrupt our children and drive them to murder with their fascination with the dark and evil world of Satan.

The letter goes on to describe the band as "evil" and "Satanists" and makes reference to the Columbine Massacre, finally concluding that the band members are "satanic priests" who "want to kill your children."

The band responded:

The letter's a perfect example of why he [the author] shouldn't be writing a letter but sitting down and understanding his kids and understanding why they're listening to this kind of music. We as a band offer kids somewhere to go and do something positive. While some kids are out getting drunk and getting high, they can come down to a Schoolyard Heroes show and shake their ass!"

The band released Abominations earlier this year.