Against Me! recently spoke to The Nation about the various things that have plagued the band which each successive step since the band's first album.

Besides addressing frontman Tom Gabel's recent arrest:

The day of the Tallahassee thing, we were playing at this place The Beta Bar, and this coffee shop next door was having a protest show against ours. I mean… go protest the fucking war!"

The story cites a recent The L Magazine editorial which writes that "when you say the same things over and over again, as loudly as [Gabel] did, into a microphone no less, to countless impressionable teenagers, you've effectively lost your right to just decide one day that you didn't mean any of it."

The story also looks at the evolution of the band, particularly when pared against some of the band's more vocal critics like Maximumrocknroll and more.

You can find the story here.