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Strung Out is apparently the latest band to fall prey to thieves, having suffered the loss of their van and trailer. The band confirmed reports with a post on their official message board from drummer Jordan Burns:

So our van and trailer just got stolen from our hotel here in Philly around 7:30am. We had just checked in and no more then 20 minutes later, Chris happened to look out the window and see our van driving out. Sure enough, it was skidrown mother fucker ripping it off.

So we have lost ALL of our equipment, all of our merch, tons of personal stuff and we are pretty much fucked and stuck in a shitty Days Inn in a fucked up part of town in Philly. There was a double homicide 2 blocks down the road that we were watching about on TV so ya, not a nice part of town at all.

Anyhow, if you live in Philly, please be on the look out for our van and trailer. Its a light blue ford E 350 15 passenger van with a white trailer with white rims. There is a bull skull mounted on the front of the grill. We are trying to think what to do. We will figure out how the show must go on though because we for sure dont want to or are we thinking about canceling the tour. We have a lot to figure out here…..

The band released Blackhawks Over Los Angeles earlier this year. As soon as the band decides on the plans for the remainder of the tour, we'll let you know.