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Dead Poetic has announced the track listing for their upcoming posthumous retrospective. The record is titled Best Of and is due out November 20, 2007. The album will compile unreleased material as well as music from the band's three official releases, Four Wall Blackmail, New Medicines and Vices.

  1. New Medicines
  2. Narcotic
  3. Glass In The Trees
  4. Bliss Tearing Eyes
  5. Self Destruct & Die
  6. August Winterman
  7. Long Forgotten
  8. In Coma
  9. Taste The Red Hands
  10. Pretty Pretty
  11. The Corporate Enthusiast
  12. Hostages
  13. Vanus Empty
  14. In Coma (acoustic version)
  15. Lioness (demo version)
  16. Cannibal vs. Cunning (demo version)
  17. In Coma (demo version)
  18. Sinless City (demo version)