by Sex Pistols

In a story combining two of our more popular topics – Green Day and the Sex Pistols – the frontman of the latter band, Johnny "Rotten" Lydon has taken some shots at the multi–platinum, award–winning band in a new interview.

His exact words:

I love to tease that lot, because I think they're dopey, They hold no promise, no future. They jumped on a bandwagon that was all clearly laid out for them, forgetting all the bands that did the groundwork, putting together a punk movement. They came in and said, 'Yes, we can wear these clothes and have our hair like this, wear those boots and play music that way, and we'll call ourselves punk.' Not much thought went into them. Nothing -- nothing original. Therefore they smell, big time. They're like old gorgonzola cheese in old boots.

Zing. Can't beat stinky cheese metaphors.

Lydon goes on to take plenty of well–aimed shots at Britney Spears, rules out Sex Pistols recordings and hints at a possible resurrection of PIL.

You can check it out here.