In what is turning in a pretty weird story, ubiquitous purveyors of refried beans Taco Bell have given $500.00 worth of free food (coupons) to a number of bands around the United States.

The "Feed the Beat" promotion claims that bands submitted applications for the contest which was open to "up–and–coming" touring bands. "Winners" include Strike Anywhere, Ted Leo, Big D, Panthers, Armor for Sleep, Manchester Orchestra, The Graduate and many others.

But that isn't the weird part, the weird part is that at least one of these bands never entered the contest and moreover, is not too fond of being associated with the fast food powerhouse. Ted Leo wrote a letter to the company asking what was going on:

We have contacted Taco Bell and have found out that someone submitted an application from a G–mail address that is not ours (Heck of a job, G–mail!), so we have, in fact, been pranked, which, since Taco Bell is now removing our name from everything associated with this dumb–ass "Muy Caliente! Side Stage at the Altell Garden Party Pavillion" bullshit, I have to appreciate on some levels… but anyway, it was fake, we weren't involved with Taco Bell, and now it's over.

Ted Leo is associated with PETA and the vegan movement, so his reaction is not entirely surprising. No word on how many of the other applications were legitimate.

Update: We heard back from Strike Anywhere and they did apply for it.