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Southern Ohio's Black Tie Bombers have called it quits. Apparently the split happened some time ago:

What a sweet movie….anyway, we broke up awhile ago. Ryan wasn't really feeling it anymore and the rest of us didn't feel like doing it without him. Josh got a new job and I suppose is the first one of us to be an adult for once. He's moving to pa soon. Ryan is in a band called Dead! Serious. they have a myspace. Jon and I are in a band called The Dopamines. we have one too. Sam Banta who left BTB quite awhile ago is still in The Starkweathers and of course they have a myspace.

The band goes on to talk about their "final show that no one really knew was going to be a final show" and say that chances of an "official" one are bleak. The band released Eternal Happiness and Good Health this year as well as their split with the Frankl Project.