Contributed by avi, Posted by Silver Sprocket

Silver Sprocket, the bicycle club founded by the Springman Records crew, launched their new website last week. Promising a steady stream of exclusive online content, the site so far features a podcast by Roxy of The Epoxies and a live acoustic track from Greg Attonito of The Bouncing Souls with his wife Shanti Wintergate.

The label has also released their first non–music item. Rather than sell regular clothing with screen–printed band logos, the limited edition Phenomenauts "Officer Jackets" were designed by the band from scratch. The first run of 100 is nearly sold out, with a limited second edition planned for a holiday release.

Upcoming projects from Silver Sprocket include jackets, shoes, books and toys, along with more limited edition vinyl, working with bands previously on the Springman roster, plus their friends like The Slackers and Epoxies.<

Silver Sprocket has signed Ashtray, from Santa Rosa, CA. The five–year–old quintet features male and female lead–vocals, with clear influences from notable east bay bands Blatz and Filth. Silver Sprocket is promising to release Ahstray's sophomore full–length sometime in 2008, and is offering a free MP3 download of the song Punk Rock Candy Mountain from the band's recent split with the Secretions and Final Summation.