Happy Edge Day

It's October 17, 2007, Edge Day. The celebration of Edge, and you can take part by checking out a local straight edge hardcore show, getting a sick XXEDGEXX tattoo and abstaining from booze, drugs and smoking while yelling "True till death." Of course, it's a work day so if you're going to work drunk, stoned and smoking, you've got a particularly interesting workplace and Chris wants to know if they're hiring.

The first annual National Edge Day was celebrated on October 17, 1999 at the final Ten Yard Fight concert at the nightclub Karma in Boston, Massachusetts. The concert also featured the bands Bane, In My Eyes, Fastbreak, Reach The Sky and Floorpunch. This show marked the end of the 1990s youth crew revival.

Since then, National Edge Day has been celebrated in certain cities, such as Boston.