Rivers Cuomo

With his new compilation of demos spanning 1992–2007 due for release this Christmas, Weezer mastermind Rivers Cuomo spoke with Rolling Stone a little about the project and the material. The record is titled Alone – The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo and is due out December 11, 2007.

Of particular note is the fact that many of the songs are from the band's Pinkerton–era. The songs were apparently destined for the original follow up to Weezer, a rock musical titled Songs From the Black Hole. While some of the songs ended up on Pinkerton, several songs from that era have yet to be heard.

As for the rest of the material, one song will be a cover of Ice Cube's "The Bomb" and the rest?

It will have [roughly] eighteen tracks, and it's spanning my demo–making career from 1992 to 2007, and there is one Weezer classic, 'Buddy Holly,' my original demo for that song, and there's a few covers.

He also briefly mentioned Weezer's upcoming as–yet untitled full length, saying only:

We're done recording, and we're just waiting to find a mixer. It's very fresh and experimental