Addressing rumours that his Plus–44 project had split up, frontman Mark Hoppus has updated his blog with indications that the band will in fact be recording a second album. The band, which also features members of the Mercy Killers, has resigned with Interscope Records and Mark adds:

Here's a photo from yesterday of me signing on the contract with interscope records for us to record the next +44 album. Now everyone else is signing it, and it'll be all set and going. Hopefully this will put any "band break up" rumors to rest.

We are all coming back together to do what we all truly love: playing as a band. Right now we're in the process of writing and recording songs that will develop into an album. We're not rushing it, and we're not lagging. We're making an album.

The band, which includes two–thirds of Blink–182 released When Your Heart Stops Beating last year.