by Paper Bag

Toronto duo FemBots have posted a recording update. The group, which is working on the follow up to 2005's The City, commented:

We've just returned from a 5–day recording retreat at a cottage in the Kawartha Lakes and it feels like we've finally turned a corner with the new record. We spent the week working out band arrangements and accompaniments to the songs we've been working on with our friend Iner and his home made instruments. Things went very, very well and we're all excited about the new songs. The music is a bit hard to describe at the moment. Let's just say it's unlike anything we've done before.

FemBots recordings and live shows frequently expand the band with a number of collaborators. In the past these have featured Jason Tait of the Weakerthans. During the Reconstruction Site tour both members of FemBots toured as members of an expanded Weakerthans lineup.