Hey friends, we've got a few quick .ORGanizational notes for ya this evening.

For the next few months Punknews will be scaling back to one reviews update a week, every Tuesday. As you may or may not know all our review content is volunteer written by you folks, and as with any user submitted effort the quality and quantity of the content ebbs and flows throughout the year. We're at an ebb. We've decided that rather than subject you to some of the truly horrifying rants that we've collected, we'll tighten the tap just a bit. By next year things should be back to normal.

On that note, we're looking for new reviewers! The typical Punknews review can run anywhere from 250 to, oh let's say 1000 words. Take a look at some existing works to get a feel for the format. We're not just looking for the obvious stuff either, so if you're hot for a subgenre that Punknews is lacking then we'd love to hear from you. Are you an old school Oi! fan? A checkered hearted ska kid? An unbathed folk punk revolutionary? A young screamo warrior? A psychobilly greaser? An expert on hypersexualized Alaskan barbershop–thrash? Then we want you. Community members can submit reviews via Punknews Reviews page. We're going to step up and try and get you more editorial feedback on your submissions too.

Of course don't forget you fire up your BitTorrent suckers this weekend and snag the / No Idea Records Fest 6 compilation. It's 25 tracks (some of which are rare), it's got some swell art by Mitch Clem, and most importantly it's free.