Wired has an interesting article about the ever–increasing and renewed interest in vinyl formats after all the threats faced by the CD. Of particular note is the news that pressing plants are ramping up production. Turntables are hot again as well. Insound, an online music retailer that recently began selling USB turntables alongside vinyl, can't keep them in stock. Even Amazon.com has launched a vinyl–only section stocked with a growing collection of titles and several models of record players.

The union of the iPod world and the vinyl world has also made this the perfect time for a vinyl resurgence. Many labels are now including coupons for digital versions of vinyl albums allowing people to enjoy the ostensibly superior sound of vinyl at home while allowing them to put portable versions of the albums on iPods and related players.

While some claim that vinyl is not really hitting the big time, vinyl sales are typically underreported. The record stores that specialize in vinyl are rarely SoundScan sites and do not often report their numbers to the recording industry. On top of that, turntable metrics only include low–end turntables but not popular "pro" models that have become the technology of choice for DJs and vinyl junkies.

You can check out the article here.