Our friends and collaborators at Vinyl Collective have posted a response to yesterday's Wired magazine story about the resurgence of vinyl.

When speaking of Soundscan (they were quoted in the Wired piece as saying, "Our numbers, at least, don't really point to a resurgence,"), they have no idea what they are talking about. I mentioned selling nearly 3,000 copies of "Planet of Ice" and you know how many were registered through Soundscan? Zero!

Soundscan is an antiquated gauge of sales and only scratches the surface with regards to vinyl sales. Labels like No Idea, Fat Wreck, Death Wish, Bridge 9, Asbestos, and so many more sell a bulk of their vinyl pressings directly to customers and not one of them report those sales to soundscan.

I would like to offer my opinion on why I think vinyl sales are on the rise. In this absolutely fucked up, fast paced world we live in, there is something therapeutic about physically picking up a needle, placing it on Side A of a record, and sitting back enjoying the music that comes out of your speakers. CDs and digital has made music disposable and of little to no value and in most cases, it has become background noise for our crazy lives. With vinyl, you have something real, something tangible, something with beautiful artwork, something that sounds absolutely amazing.

You can read the rest of the story here.