by Paper Bag

Toronto duo FemBots have posted another recording update. The group, which is working on the follow up to 2005's The City, commented:

Since returning to the city from our session at Cordova Lake we've been working away like mad. This generally means getting up at 8, letting the dogs out, making coffee and spending the morning writing lyrics and melodies for the previously recorded songs. By 2 or 3 in the afternoon I realize I haven't had any breakfast. Some of the songs have been coming together really easily; others need more surgery to make them work. This usually means chopping them up, shuffling the parts around and gluing them back together to accommodate what's happening with the melody. It's all going pretty quickly. As of today we' have about three songs finished as well as a few instrumentals (that will stay instrumental) and a couple of others well on their way to being done. Brian and I have agreed that we should drag the writing stage out as long as possible if it continues to go well. We're doing another band writing/recording session at Nathan's place in Sudbury at the end of the month and planning another trip to Cordova Lake in January.

FemBots recordings and live shows frequently expand the band with a number of collaborators. In the past these have featured Jason Tait of the Weakerthans. During the Reconstruction Site tour both members of FemBots toured as members of an expanded Weakerthans lineup.