Contributed by Archangel, Posted by Limekiln

While on tour with the Shook Ones, Hour of the Wolf has been ripped off in Columbus, Ohio. The deed happened on November 7th between 3am and 8am. A list of the gear grabbed can be found below. The band is asking folks in the Columbus area to be on the look out at pawn shops.

The band has been able to continue supporting their well–received album Power of the Wolf due to the Shook Ones being overall rad dudes and letting them borrow their gear.

  • 1975 Gibson G3 Bass (honey burst)
  • 1981 Peavey T-40 Bass (tobacco burst)
  • 1980's Peavey T-60 Guitar with Fender neck
  • A Broken Edwards Les Paul Special (white)
  • 2 different pedal boards including various pedals
  • Backpacks and personal items from 2 of the band members