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California ska–outfit Suburban Legends appear to be the latest victims of van/trailer/gear theft on tour. The band awoke from their hotel room to discover their van and trailer gone, losing over $80,000 worth of equipment. They are currently on tour with Streetlight Manifesto, who have also experienced similar setbacks in the past. Even more of a coicidence is that the van and trailer were stolen while the band was staying the night in Philadelphia, where Strung Out also recently experienced grand theft van.

The group's producer Dallas Kruse has posted a MySpace bulletin explaining the band's current situation:

I just got a call from my dear friend MIKEY, bassist for Suburban Legends. They are on tour in Philly and woke up to head down to the van and trailer from the hotel room and the van and trailer were stolen. Every piece of equipment and merchandise the band owns is gone. Drum sets, horns, clothing, basses, guitars, amps, etc. The value of the equipment alone is appx 40k. The value of the trailer alone is 30k. Estimated value of everything is probably close to 80k (in my estimation) including the van, trailer and gear.

They are troopers and going to try and rent another van, rent gear and finish the tour.

This is devastating. Most, if not ALL of you know just how dear and sincere these guys are and how close I am with them. Is there ANYTHING we can do to help them? My idea was to find someone with money who would be able to immediately front them an investment for gear and work out terms for the band to pay that person back. Or does someone here have connections to a car dealership? Instruments? SOMETHING!?!

Please help! if you have some help or ideas, PLEASE, lets help the guys out!

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