Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Blackhouse

A recent Scatterbox benefit for the Coeur d'Alene Food Bank turned into a bit of a a fracas. Apparently, Scatterbox got through about four songs of their set on November 9th at The Rock Joint, a new bar in Coeur d'Alene, when the owner shut the power off, cutting their set short, becuase the crowd was "moshing and breaking shit", according to the venue owner, who had cut the power himself.

When Scatterbox was cut short, an argument ensued between Tom White, vocalist for Scatterbox, members of the crowd, and the owner of the club, which in the end, set off a large crowd of people and police were called as the band broke down their equipment in the back of the building.

A damaged pool table, trashed bathroom, various other small broken items (glasses, a couple of chairs), and fifteen cops later, the members of the band were about to be charged with "inciting a riot" and arrested, until a discussion between the band members and police ensued. In the end, police decided to not charge the band. This was Scatterbox's first show in their home town in almost two years.

After the incident, the owner of The Rock Joint told members of Scatterbox "We didn't sign up for punk."

The band has a new record slated for release on Clickpop /SpinArt Records at the beginning of 2008.