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Graphic designer Rob Dobi has updated his collection of scene caricatures with a familiar face. You can now find Orgcore Punker over at Your Scene Sucks. Click the "Choose a Scenester" drop down box to check him out. This bearded, Fest attending, closet Against Me! superfan joins such new contemporaries as the "popcore dork" and "up the punx," as well as elder statesmen like "hxc tough guy" and the "sxe mosh warrior." The character profiles are also collected in the new book also titled Your Scene Sucks. If you ask me, he looks like an eerie hybrid of Org editors Chris and Justin.

Dobi's sarcastic look at the scene is an outgrowth of his infamous 2001 "How To Dress Emo" site. The artist has gone on to do work for bands like Less Than Jake, Thursday, New Found Glory, Crime In Stereo, A Wilhelm Scream and Fall Out Boy along with a host of labels. He also runs the clothing company Fullbleed.