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Brad Logan has shed light on the recent cancellation of Leftover Crack's Canadian tour dates. Apparently it was a criminal record on his part and MySpace to blame:

We all took different routes based on what we thought was gonna work best and here's what happened: There are a couple members of the band with criminal history, but mine is surely the worst. Last time we got denied the kindly immigration officers told me all I had to do was apply for the proper permits and all would be well. So I spent 6 months compiling the mountain of documents they requested including a check for $200, and 2 days before the tour I received an official "fuck off" from the Canadian Consulate General and a receipt for my $200 (which they took anyway).

The show was going to go on however, with Sturgeon playing second guitar until their bass player ran into some trouble.

Then the day of the first show our bass player was stopped in the Montreal Airport by immigration once again. This time they had all our tour dates pulled off myspace and refused to grant him entry based on our previous denial. As his name is permanently attached to ours (as far as their records are concerned) he was also FUCKED . Mind you,he's NOT one of the guys with a shitty criminal past. So I guess that's what we get for trying to do things the legal way. Next time we'll try a different approach.

He goes on to warn bands about the dangers of using MySpace to announce Canadian dates and is hoping for refunds for those who already purchased tickets.