by EMI Group

According to a Reuters piece, one of the big major labels, EMI is planning to cut back the money they pay to the RIAA and the IFPI. The controversial trade group claims to represent all labels but is largely funded by the the "big four" labels, to the tune of $132 million annually each.

EMI officials would not comment on the reasoning behind the change, but efforts by the RIAA have not measurably demonstrated much in the war against internet downloading. In fact, embarrassing public lawsuits against people of limited means have done considerable public relations damage to the label's cause. In fact, a recent lawsuit had RIAA lawyers admitting that they've "lost money on this program."

EMI has been one of the more agile of the majors, quickly adapting their practices to new technology. It was the first of the big four to release music without DRM through Apple's iTunes stores and many others – a lead eventually followed by Universal and others.