by Ferret

The seemingly innocuous live cover of Pantera's "Walk" from Every Time I Die's Keith Buckley and Fall Out Boy has apparently created some backlash against the Buffalo hardcore band. Guitarist Andy Williams addressed it:

Long time ago, when we were first starting out we would play places like Chicago and Milwaukee. We would play with bands like Kill the Slave Master, Extinction, Race Traitor and Arma Angelus All great bands from that area at the time. We would joke around and fuck around with the dudes in that band cuz they were our friends.

On [a past] tour Pete [Wentz] came to a show in Chicago and danced for us and then we stayed with them. He gave me a demo and said "hey man, I know you wont like this. Its my new band. We're a pop punk band!" I chuckled and didn't really take him serious. I went back and listened to it. I have to tell you honestly, I really didn't like it. He was right. But I gave it the benefit of a doubt cuz he always treated me with respect.

But there is a bit of history between us and those boys. Nothing changes when you consider someone a friend.

You can check out the performance here.