Seattle, WA melodic hardcore act Sinking Ships have provided a fairly thorough update via MySpace blog after their recent departure from Revelation Records.

The band will commence writing for their next proper full–length this March, with plans to record it that month or the next. It will be self–released, frontman Danny Hesketh mentioning, "So far we know it's going to start as 1000 LPs, and we will figure out the CDs when we get to it. I mean, who the fuck buys CDs anymore?"

The band has also completed the writing of two songs that will be featured on a split CD to be released in Japan. The split's partner has not yet been announced. The possibility of releasing those two songs as a limited 7" has also been floated.

In addition to releasing the recent Ten 7" on Revelation, the band actually self–released another 7". The latter was tour–only, featured a pressing of 500 and was recently only available at July's Sound and Fury Festival and the preceding European tour with Ruiner. However, there are 200 left and the band promises to add several to their webstore soon.

Touring–wise, the band is done for 2007, with plans to hit western U.S. shores in January or February 2008, Japan in March and Europe in June. "We probably won't be getting out there as much as we did last year," mentions Hesketh, "but we'll do our best to tour as much as we can."

Hesketh also adds, "…and just because we are doing this next one ourselves doesn't mean we are swearing off labels all together. So far we haven't had the greatest experiences, but hopefully we will work get to with someone else down the road."

The last proper full–length, Disconnecting, was released in 2006.