The Public Serpents have run out of songs to give us, so instead have released their "confirmed" lineup. The band currently consists of Early Gates on drums from the Ray Gradys, Adam Sixgun playing guitar from Sixgun Radio, Jon Fawkes on the other guitar from The Filaments and Suicide Bid, "Heavy Metal Chris" on bass from American Distress, Piss Shit Fuck and Animale, "Xray" playing third guitar from Piss Shit Fuck and American Distress with Skwert of American Distress, IN–DK and Choking Victim singing.

The band has been trickling out updates and songs for quite some time now.

A label for their release is still undetermined, but they're self–releasing their demo via Tent City Records.

The album promises a merger of dancehall reggae, punk and ska akin to "Choking Victim, INDK, Operation Ivy, The Specials, American Distress, The Clash, Misfits, Bucaneer and Buju Banton."