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Long Island–based ska/punk act The Fad were recently involved in a van accident. The band reported:

At 3:30am Saturday morning, we lost control of our van on Interstate 76 heading east. The entire highway was a sheet of ice, we slid into the median, spun 180 degrees and flipped our van and trailer. Everyone was ok for the most part. John landed on his head and hurt his neck a little. We put everything we had into this tour and we just lost it all. The van, trailer, and our equipment is all we own. We still have no clue if our equipment will work when we get home. We are just happy to be alive. If you would like to help us out and have a paypal account, please donate to

any amount would be appreciated. hopefully we can take care of our debts and get back out on the road sooner than later. thank you so much for the support!

The band is still planning to make their December shows in Richmond, VA and Westfield, NJ with Patent Pending and Murphys Kids. The band signed to Bankshot! Records earlier this year.