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Red Scare have posted a big update concerning a number of bands on the roster:

First bit of news involves our fearless fellas from WYO, Teenage Bottlerocket. They had to postpone their video shoot because it snows like a motherfucker out there in Brokeback country. But tour plans are coming along and things are going well with their new record, "Warning Device".

Our next big release will be be from The Copyrights. It's called "Learn The Hard Way" and we're going to have to push the release date back to February 26th. Why? Well, you see, that's my half–birthday and I like to do something special for myself that time of the year. We're also not done with it. Those weirdos just got back from playing shows in Puerto Rico (of all places!) and are gearing up for touring in early 2008.

Then there's Cleveland's favorite sons, The Sidekicks. They're out on tour right now and they are probably running hog wild and stealing street signs. We're hoping to have their record, "So Long, Soggy Dog", available through digital retailers on December 25th. That's right, we just saved Christmas.

The Falcon are in the process of writing a new record. Should be interesting.