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us this news from KNAC.Com. Here's the info: "The Palo Alto, California-based quartet The Donnas have just signed a worldwide recording contract with Atlantic Records after releasing three indie albums for Lookout! Records. The band -- Brett Anderson (a.k.a. Donna A), vocals; Allison Robertson (Donna R), guitars; Maya Ford (Donna F), bass; and Torry Castellano (Donna C), drums -- are currently in the midst of writing songs for their Atlantic debut. They will then spend March and April recording at San Francisco's Toast Studios with longtime producer Robert Shimp. The Donnas' eagerly awaited new album is tentatively planned for a Summer 2002 release. "We've always been a band who wanted to reach the largest audience possible, and Atlantic Records will help us do that," said Donna F. "We are and always will be part of the 'fun generation.'"