Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Deranged

Ben Cook, known as Young Governor in his role as one of Fucked Up's guitarists and former frontman of Toronto hardcore act No Warning, has a number of releases in the pipe for his band Marvelous Darlings. The power–pop / `77 punk styled four piece have a new single available via Deranged Records titled "I Don't Wanna Go To The Party." You can check out the a–side and a number of demos via the band's MySpace page now.

The band is wasting no time in building their discography. This year will see 7" releases on Wall Ride Records ("The Swords, The Streets/Galloway"), Pelado Records ("Lagoons/Teenage Targets") and the UK's Rat Patrol Records (a pressing of the band's demo tape). A 12" EP titled Vixens is due later this year on a label to be announced, as well as a singles compilation CD.

A release party for "I Don't Wanna Go To The Party" will take place on January 18th at Toronto's Rancho Relaxo with Sudbury's Statues on the bill.