by Sub Pop

In a pretty shocking LiveJournal entry, the now ex–girlfriend of The Shins' Marty Crandall blogged about alleged domestic assault. The entry has since been locked, but the woman in question, Elyse Sewell noted:

Think you had a shitty weekend? Nah. Why not compare it to mine? . . . On the drive home (home?) from Albuquerque to Portland, my ex–boyfriend got shitfaced and roughed me up in a Sacramento hotel. I escaped from the room through a blitzkrieg of violence and talked to hotel security, who called the fuzz.

Elyse has also been charged though she maintains her actions were purely in self–defense. Crandall has yet to make any sort of public statement, so the majority of publicly available information comes from the arresting officer and Sewell's journal.

The wildly popular Shins released Wincing the Night Away in 2007. Punk fans may also remember guitarist Dave Hernandez from beloved 90s punk act Scared Of Chaka.

Update: The Shins' label, Sub Pop, has issued the following statement:

Marty Crandall and his ex–girlfriend Elyse Sewell were both arrested over the weekend following an argument at a Sacramento hotel which resulted in hotel staff calling the police. They were both taken into police custody and released over the weekend.

There will be no further comment at this time and we would appreciate their privacy being respected.