Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Bankshot!

The Fad have posted music, art and the track listing from their upcoming album for Bankshot!. The record is titled Kill Punk Rock Stars and is due out February 19, 2008. The band is compared to a variety of acts including Gorilla Biscuits, Bad Brains, The Specials, Kid Dynamite, The Suicide Machines, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Against Me!.

You can find "Ska–Boom!" and "Kill Punk Rock Stars" here.

  1. Creepshow
  2. Vinyl Paradise
  3. Kill Punk Rock Stars
  4. Leaving Cleveland
  5. What The Hell Does Rant Mean?
  6. Remote Control
  7. Beer 2 Minors
  8. Bright Lights
  9. Extended Family
  10. Ska-boom!
  11. Oil Spills
  12. Only As Good As Your Drummer