by EMI Group

With the company in some amount of turmoil since their purchase by private equity firm Terra Firma, big four major label EMI has announced that they are cutting between 1500 and 2000 jobs. .

Along with that news, is the more bizarre plan to begin corporate sponsorship for bands on the label. Guy Hands, who is running the label for Terra Firma explained:

Football teams have very distinct corporate sponsorship. Why shouldn't some of the leading bands have the same sort of relationships? EMI could help bands who would not make it on the international stage find local sponsors who want to break into the student market.

So, does this mean that new albums from Beastie Boys, Yellowcard, The Starting Line, Relient K and 30 Seconds to Mars could be brought to you by McDonald's, Pepsi, Starbucks, Walmart and Coca Cola?