by Politics

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy has announced that he will be hosting an Obama fundraiser next Tuesday in Chicago. The announcement came in the form a press release today wherein Wentz added:

I have been an Obama supporter from day one. After watching the new hampshire primary, I couldn't just be an observer anymore. I had to act. We'll pass on the string quartet, DJ Whiteshadow will put a new spin on politics as usual. Forget the wine and champagne. I will be pouring the night's specialty shot, the O–bomb(a).

This isn't your parents' fundraiser, while these changes to the traditional fundraiser are unconventional, they represent the kind of shake up that I believe Barack Obama can bring to Washington. Change we can believe in.

The event will cost $75.00 and take place at Lakeview Broadcasting Co. in Chicago. You can buy a ticket here.

Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party has established a clear front runner to date. Both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama have had strong showings in the three primaries thus far, and the Republican primaries have been won by Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Mit Romney respectively.