Jay Reason, frontman of hardcore(–ish) band The Distance recently sat down with our pals at to discuss the status of the band, their controversial album The Rise, the Fall, and Everything in Between and their future plans.

On the subject of The Rise, Jay noted:

I would make the record the exact same way again if given the chance. That album came together at a really weird time for me. I was going through so many things and not just breaking up with a girl that I was going to buy a home with and get married to, but other things that I am not ready to discuss openly. Who knows, if the album was released under a different band name or a label that knew how to expand in that market maybe it would have been different. I feel like The Distance will always be evolving, if we want to write fast hardcore, we will. If we wanna write "Inspired By You" & "Let it Rain" part two, three, four and five we will.

As for future plans, Jay notes that the band has voluntarily parted ways with Abacus/Century Media over what appears to be a personality conflict with someone at the label. The band is looking for a label currently.

You can check out the rest of the interview here.