Story Of The Year
Contributed by Dudley_Shale, Posted by Epitaph

Story Of The Year have announced a release date and details for their upcoming Epitaph debut. The record is titled The Black Swan and is due out April 22, 2008. It is the follow–up to In the Wake of Determination which was released in 2005 via Warner.

  1. Choose Your Fate
  2. Wake Up
  3. The Antidote
  4. Tell Me
  5. Angel In The Swamp
  6. The Black Swan
  7. Message To The World
  8. Apathy Is A Deathwish
  9. We’re Not Gonna Make It
  10. Cannonball
  11. Terrified
  12. Carl Sagan Interlude
  13. Welcome To Our New War