by BYO

Portland, OR's Clorox Girls are planning a west coast US tour to and from Austin, Texas for a power pop festival this August that will reportedly feature the Tranzmitors, Briefs side project the Cute Lepers, 70's Canadian legends the Pointed Sticks and early UK punk act the Boys among others. From the band:

Yer olde faves yon Clorox Girls have just confirmed a show the weekend of August 29th 2008…. its a Power Pop Festival at Emos in Austin, Texas! So far the confirmations are Pointed Sticks, The Boys, Paul Collins Beat, Boss Martians, The Tranzmitors, and The Cute Lepers!…. and us! You can also expect a westcoast tour to and fro Portland–Austin… yeearl!

Specific details on the event are still to be announced.