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Streetlight Manifesto have announced tour dates that run from today through May in support of their latest record Somewhere in the Between. The band is currently in Europe with Reel Big Fish, after which they hit the road in the US with Dan Potthast and Zox.

Streetlight Manifesto Tour Dates
Feb 11, 2008Helsinki, FITAVASTIAw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 13, 2008Stockholm, SEKAGELBANANw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 15, 2008Newcastle, UKACADEMY 2w/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 16, 2008Peterborough, UKTHE CRESSETw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 17, 2008Manchester, UKACADEMY 2w/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 18, 2008Liverpool, UKACADEMY 2w/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 19, 2008Leeds, UKMETROPOLITAN UNIVERSITYw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 20, 2008Norwich, UKWATERFRONTw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 21, 2008Birmingham, UKACADEMY 2w/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 22, 2008Sheffield, UKCORPORATIONw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 23, 2008Glasgow, UKABCw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 24, 2008Nottingham, UKROCK CITYw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 25, 2008Portsmouth, UKPYRAMID ROOMSw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 26, 2008Oxford, UKACADEMYw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 27, 2008Exeter, UKGREAT HALLw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 28, 2008Yeovil, UKWESTLANDSw/ Reel Big Fish
Feb 29, 2008Bristol, UKBIER KELLERw/ Reel Big Fish
Mar 1, 2008Brighton, UKCONCORDE 2w/ Reel Big Fish
Mar 2, 2008London, UKASTORIA 2w/ Reel Big Fish
Mar 29, 2008Las Vegas, NV, USDESERT BREEZE SKATE PARKw/ Pennywise, Chiodos
Mar 30, 2008Orangevale, CA, USTHE BOARDWALKw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Mar 31, 2008San Francisco, CA, USSLIM'Sw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 1, 2008Portland, OR, USSATYRICONw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 2, 2008Seattle, WA, USSTUDIO SEVENw/ Dan Potthast
Apr 2, 2008Philadelphia, PA, USTHE TROCADEROw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 4, 2008San Diego, CA, USSOMAw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 5, 2008Irvine, CA, USVERIZON WIRELESS AMPHITHEATERw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 6, 2008Tempe, AZ, USMARQUEE THEATREw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 7, 2008Albuquerque, NM, USLAUNCHPADw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 8, 2008Denver, CO, USOGDEN THEATREw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 10, 2008Houston, TX, USMERIDIANw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 13, 2008St. Petersburg, FL, USSTATE THEATREw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 14, 2008Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USCULTURE ROOMw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 15, 2008Orlando, FL, USTHE SOCIALw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 19, 2008Atlanta, GA, USTHE MASQUERADEw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 21, 2008Towson, MDRECHER THEATREw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 22, 2008Pittsburgh, PADIESELw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 23, 2008Detroit, MIMAJESTIC THEATREw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 24, 2008TORONTO, ON, CAPHOENIX CONCERT THEATREw/ The Johnstones, Dan Potthast
Apr 25, 2008Montreal, QC, CALE STUDIOw/ The Johnstones, Dan Potthast
Apr 26, 2008Quebec City, CAANTI HALLw/ The Johnstones, Dan Potthast
Apr 27, 2008Cambridge, MA, USMIDDLE EASTw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 29, 2008WILLIAMSVILLE, NY, USCLUB INFINITYw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
Apr 30, 2008Troy, NY, USREVOLUTION HALLw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
May 1, 2008Allentown, PACROCODILE ROCKw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
May 3, 2008East Rutherford, NJ, USMEADOWLANDSBamboozle Festival
May 4, 2008Cleveland, OH, USAGORA BALLROOMw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
May 5, 2008Sauget, ILPOP'Sw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
May 6, 2008Chicago, IL, USMETROw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
May 7, 2008Milwaukee, WI, USTURNER HALLw/ Zox, Dan Potthast
May 8, 2008St. Paul, MN, USSTATION 4w/ Zox, Dan Potthast