by Cooking Vinyl

Cooking Vinyl (home of the Buzzcocks, Turbonegro and more) have unveiled plans to release a new mini–album/EP from Pixies frontman Black Francis. He explained:

It was written, recorded and mixed in six days, and on the seventh day, Mark Lemhouse did artwork. The band for the session was myself, of course, on guitar, vocals and harmonica, Jason Carter on drums, and Violet Clark on bass. The session was produced by Jason Carter. There are seven (7) songs clocking in at 20 minutes and so I suppose it qualifies as a mini–LP under the old formats. No one seems to know or care what the current format models are (a very weakened LP on compact disc continues to rule the roost by default), which is WONDERFUL; so let's just call it music and pay whatever price your Google research turns up.

The record is titled SVN FNGRS and is due out March 04, 2008