Violence against "emos" sweeps across Mexico

In a surprising story, some anti–emo fans in Mexico have apparently taken things a little too far. According to Daniel Hernandez, who is covering the story, the spark came first in Queretaro earlier this month. An estimated 800 young people poured into the city's Centro Historico hunting for kids sporting "emo" looks.

By the next weekend, it had spread to Mexico City, where emo kids faced off at the Glorieta de Insurgents. There have also been reports of anti–emo violence in Durango, Colima, and elsewhere. The LA Weekly music blog notes:

In Mexico, emo culture is a butt of many jokes. It is either despised intensely or generally ignored. But it's only the despising sentiment that lately has been getting wide airplay. In the above clip, a Televisa on–air personality named Kristoff expresses a serious dose of anti–emo rhetoric and switches to English to say, on network television, "Fucking bullshit" to the emo movement. Some emos I've interviewed point to the Kristoff clip as a defining provocation of the current wave of anti–emo violence.

Note. The art you see to the left is by Rob Dobi.