Bridge and Tunnel are headed out on tour. They'll be joined at various points by Young Hearts, Attica! Attica! and quite a few others.

You find the tour dates by clicking Read More. They're touring behind their self–titled seven inch, with a recently completed full–length on the way.

Apr 13 2008Lost and Found Bar
The Riot Before & Dirty Tactics
Apr 27 2008Tommys Tavern
Get Bent
May 17 TBA
Young Hearts
Allentown, Pennsylvania
May 18 TBA
Young Hearts
Binghamton, New York
May 19 TBA
Young Hearts
Cleveland, Ohio
May 20 TBA
Young Hearts
Detroit, Michigan
May 21 TBA
Young Hearts
Columbus, Ohio
May 22 TBAPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 23 TBAPhilly, Pennsylvania
May 24 TBA TBA New Jersey
Jun 5 2008Fontanas
Attica! Attica!, Slingshot Dakota!
Jun 6 2008The Junkyard Palace
North Lincoln, The Measure
Jun 7 2008TBA
Attica! Attica!
Ithica, New York
Jun 8 2008TBA
Attica! Attica!
Buffalo, New York
Jun 9 2008TBA
Attica! Attica!
Rochester/Syracuse, New York
Jun 10 2008TBA
Attica! Attica!
Albany, New York
Jun 11 2008TBA
Attica! Attica!
Boston, Massachusetts