Trophy Scars has announced an indefinite hiatus due to financial struggles. The hardships came when the band's UK tour was abruptly cancelled. As guitarist/vocalist Jerry Jones said in an initial MySpace bulletin, "We emptied the rest of our band fund to make sure two of our members were able to afford to go over to the UK."

The setback will derail plans for what would've been the band's third full–length, the unfortunately titled Bad Luck, which they were currently demoing. It would have followed up 2006's Alphabet. Alphabets..

The band is currently taking donations at their MySpace page to help them get back on their feet.

There is no easy way to put this since I am still foggy on all the details of what happened here. We had purchased our tickets, designed brand new merch, prepared ourselves for a merry old time and then last friday we get word that all the dates are being pulled. IN NO WAY DID TROPHY SCARS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE CANCELATION OF THIS TOUR. Again, I’m not sure what happened but inevitably: we are fucked.

This isn’t just about our dream of going to Europe being taken right from under us, it’s more about Trophy Scars not being financially stable enough to progress further. We all personally shelled out money for this tour that we expected to get back. There goes a few of our individual goals and aspirations thrown out the window as well. We emptied the rest of our band fund to make sure two of our members were able to afford to go over to the UK. There goes everything that was left for the band. And now we are stuck. In debt. Wondering what to do next. We’re not sure; we can barely afford gas to get around town let alone all meet up in Georgia or New Jersey collectively. Everyone involved with the cancellation of this tour is looking at us shrugging their fucking shoulders acting like "hey, it’s not our fault." Well, it’s certainly not our fault. This is the worst thing that has happened to us as a band and has destroyed our morale. After 5 years of giving it our all, we have decided to take a break.

We would love to record more music for your ears but right now it’s just not possible. This is NOT THE END but it is a HIATUS. Until we are able to get back on our feet again and let music make sense again we are doing our own things. Record labels, managers, booking agents… somewhere along the line we all were disillusioned. It seems like everyone gets a piece of the pie except us. We’ve worked too hard. We’ve bled too much. We gave it our best and I guess our best is just not good enough anymore. This industry is a brutal one indeed.

Keep your heads up.

We’ll be back sometime,
Jerry and Trophy Scars

If you would like to help us get back on our feet please make a donation! You can make a donation on our myspace page at the top of our info section