by Cooking Vinyl

In the wake of Oslo, Norway's Turbonegro having to cancel their European dates, the band has just announced a cancellation of their US dates in April. Says the band:

It is with great further regret that we will now have to cancel our trip to the US in April to play the west coast shows, most regrettably 'The Coachella Festival'. A huge apology to the US fans and to the promoters, I'm sure that all will understand that this decision wasn't taken lightly, but it is the right decision for Euroboy. He is in good shape, all considered, but his treatment makes it impossible for him be away for long periods of time and certainly not to be taking long haul flights. We are keeping the European shows from May 2nd forward in place, as this schedule works within the boundaries of his treatment. It's a delicate situation we find ourselves in, our first priority is Euroboy's health, we'll look at everything else when we know that he is well.

Seattle, Washington's Akimbo has had to pull out of all the dates that they were playing the group as well. Jon, who handles the words, bass and vocals, had this to say:

It is with great shame and anguish that harken to thee, bearing tragic news. Turbonegro has cancelled their April west coast tour, and therefore we must do the same. We love all of you people, but frankly there just aren't enough of you for us to headline The Great American Music Hall.

Akimbo will still play the April 12th date in Seattle, and the April 29th date in Bellingham previously announced here.