Floridian troublemakers Fake Problems have been asked to leave their current tour with Anti–Flag. The whole fiasco started at the tour's stop in Dallas, TX last night when Fake Problems vocalist/guitarist Chris Farren began criticizing the headlining band's views on America's involvement in the war in Iraq, calling vocalist Justin Sane a "freedom hater." Apparently, the feud was thought to be resolved until later in the evening when Fake Problems bassist Derek Perry proceeded to give Anti–Flag's Chris #2 an impromptu haircut, essentially clipping off the entire mohawk. Upon waking and discovering his new hairstyle, Chris #2 immediately came to blows with Perry during breakfast at a roadside Chicken and Waffles restaurant, where Anti–Flag management determined the two bands could no longer tour together and informed Fake Problems they were no longer welcome.

Derek Perry commented:

This is absurd. How better to "up that punx" than to upend their haircuts? I thought I was making my own social statement. Chris #2 obviously doesn't appreciate the value of a free trim.

No word on who will be replacing Fake Problems for the remaining dates.