Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four has finally unveiled details for their anxiously awaited upcoming album C I V I L W A R. The album will be twelve tracks long, with equally long song titles. According to the band:

We're not breaking a lot of new ground with this album, to be sure. Expect more of our whiskey soaked melodies with poorly recorded vocals and hilarious song titles. At this point we have no clue what to expect as a reaction except that kids on the internet just "filled the cup." Whatever that means.

C I V I L W A R is the first album since their 2002 opus Situationist Comedy. The spirit is still alive however as evidenced by song titles such as "BitTorrent at 33rpm," "Relapsed Alcatholic" and "The Kids Will Eat This Shit Up."

Fat has confirmed these details and that they'll be gearing up for a late summer headlining tour with the Arrivals, Bloodbath and Beyond, Off With Their Heads and the rarely seen Cleveland Bound Death Sentence.

  1. Relapsed Alcatholic
  2. This Stinking Ship
  3. Live at Budokan!
  4. Royalty checks won't keep you warm at at night, but they will pay the heat bills
  5. The Kids Will Eat This Shit Up
  7. The Only Thing Worse Than Having A Neckbeard Is Naming It Scott Heisel
  8. smartpeoplekeepaneyeontheircalendar
  9. Off With Our Style, Off With Their Cred
  10. The Last Temptation of The Paddy
  11. BitTorrent at 33rpm
  12. End Hits (wasn't that good of a Fugazi album anyways)