by Vice

Black Lips recently spoke to Pitchfork about some upcoming plans. Among them are some details about the follow up to Good Bad Not Evil:

I do want to get more conceptual on our albums, just doing weird stuff. It doesn't have to be a song. It could be a skit or something like that. I read this article the other day in The New York Times about a phonautogram. I actually recorded it onto my phone, and I want to play that from off the phone onto our album and have a history lesson on our album. we're planning to work on our new album this summer. The movie we were working on got postponed a little bit, so that freed up some time this summer.

They also mentioned the film Let It Be, noting:

It's in preproduction, getting financing, so now we're going to make a new record this summer. I want to have it out this year, so we can have an album come out every year, but we'll see. I think they're leaning Replacements, and we're leaning more Butthole Surfers.

The story is more or less the same–– an 80s band in America touring the DIY circuit and what that was like–– but it's more the characteristics, the aesthetics of the band. I like the Replacements, don't get me wrong, but our band is more psychedelic. That's kind of what Butthole Surfers were. The Replacements were more of a pop group.